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Charles & Red: A True Love Story

From the day we met in the school cafeteria line

Lady, you still continue to blow my mind

That day marked the start, of our True Love Story


Your grace, your beauty, your smile, your poise

When you’re with me, there's no time for noise

Charles and “Red”, a True Love Story


From Parker High to Tuskegee to Chicago to A T L

When we were together everything was truly well

Just Charles and Red, writing our own Love Story


We raised the girls to be strong, as best we could

Although our purpose may have sometimes been misunderstood

We prodded on, writing, Charles and Red, a True Love Story


Take away the houses, possessions and cars

But I choose to keep our many battle scars

Earned by Charles and Red writing our True Love Story


The scars remind me of our many victories won

And with Christ as our Captain, we are still not done

Writing the story of Charles and Red …Truly a Love Story


Facing Life’s Challenges was unbelievably tough

But together, we always had enough…

To keep writing together, our True Love Story


Many marvel at the story of  Romeo and Juliet

But that’s only because they’ve never met

The likes of Charles and Red, Truly a modern day love story



Cleopatra’s Beauty defined your face

God aligned your glowing skin perfectly in place

 Indeed the perfect leading lady, in our True Love Story


And while death has briefly pulled our bodies apart

It can never dampen the Love I hold dear in my heart

You see, we have not yet reached the end of this Story

The true love of Charles and Red will eternally live on in Glory


Written in memory of my precious partner in life, Mirian Joyce Steele McGhee, My Gift from God for now and throughout eternity




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